The Bad Buddhist (mingsmommy) wrote,
The Bad Buddhist


Today is the last day of August, but I hope not the last day of me posting regularly. I didn't quite post 31 out of 31, but I did all right.

This was about getting used to posting regularly again. Trying to be more open and more present. I have so much going on in my head lately and can't seem to get it out. I want to tell you about some things at work, some things with Savannah, some things I've learned lately, what I'm doing now, what scares me, what inspires me lately, but I can't seem to find the words. I hope to keep posting and feel confident enough to share at least some of those things with you. There's just so much I want to tell you...

But mainly I want to say thank you. Thank you for being my friends and reading my stuff, whether it's a post or a fic. Thanks for always having a kind word and offering a virtual hug. Y'all are a pretty amazing group of people and a blessing in my life.

I love you.

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