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TV on Netflix

When I go to the gym in the mornings, I watch Netflix offerings on my phone. I just finished all 4 seasons of Merlin (love) and all of The Forsyte Saga (why is there no fic for this?). I'll be starting something new tomorrow.

Poll #1814997 What should I watch now?

Oh! Definitely...

Downton Abbey
I'll tell you in the comments...

Though you don't see me much, I am lurking, though I am not commenting much or posting. I've been put in charge of social media at work, which sort of sucks the joy out of doing it personally. So, while I am reading, I am not interacting very much. Things are a bit stressful right now and I am trying to find my balance, but I feel terrible for not being a better friend and missing birthdays and big deals. I am so sorry.

Even when you don't see me, I am thinking of you. I hope you're well and happy. I am keeping you all in my prayers.


Jan. 29th, 2012 11:56 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I'm not familiar with any of those shows so I can't help with that decision. But I've been watching Modern Family which is the funniest show ever. I'm not generally a fan of comedies because most of them are just not funny but that one has me laughing out loud all the time. I don't know if American Netflix carries it but it's worth a look. Otherwise I don't know if you watched Dollhouse while it was on tv, but I watched it on Netflix and I loved it!

It's good to hear from you! xox