The Bad Buddhist (mingsmommy) wrote,
The Bad Buddhist

100 Things 2/100

100 Things Learned in 50 Years...

No matter how much pain I'm in, the sun will still come up the next morning.

And the day after.

And the day after that.

Even when I don't necessarily want it to. Even when I wish it wouldn't, life will go on.

Even when I feel as though the intensity of what I am going through should stop the world from turning, it continues to turn.

My body makes demands. I have to get out of bed or off the sofa or off the floor. Eventually, I will move out into that world that keeps turning, move into that sun that keeps rising and take up my life again, maybe bearing more burdens than before, maybe with a heavier step.

Then one day, maybe much sooner than I expect or far longer than I think it should be, it won't be so hard to get out of bed. I will catch myself smiling. I will forget to drag the pain along with me for every second. I will feel joy again.

Life will move on. And the sun will rise again.
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