The Bad Buddhist (mingsmommy) wrote,
The Bad Buddhist

100 Things 3/100

100 Things Learned in 50 Years...

It is much easier to be in pain myself, either emotional or physical, than see someone I love in pain.

Savannah did not get accepted to NC School of Science and Math. She is devastated. She has been working towards this for four years. Literally, one quarter of her life.

Those that were not Finalists were allowed to file a 1000 character (yes, character, not word) appeal. Decisions were supposed to be announced yesterday at 5:00 pm. They sent out an e-mail late last night, saying they would announce today at 4 pm. Just a bit ago they pushed it to 9 tonight.

Please, if you could send any positive thoughts or offer any prayers for my girl, I would appreciate it. Please.
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