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smacky30 and I were talking about imposter syndrome earlier in the week. Well, more confessing how we both experience it.

We "do" a thing by e-mail along with losingntrnslatn, when one or the other of us becomes self-critical or calls herself a name, we make her (or they make me) say three things she likes about herself. Then, inevitably, after the three things have been named, we hear "Now you..."

So, after our conversation about imposter syndrome, smacky30 suggested that at least once a week, without the self-criticism to precede it, that we would name three things we like about ourselves. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual or even something e accomplished.

It's something a lot of us can use, a little more self-acknowledgement and the chance to own all of our good qualities AND I am trying not to be such a lurker and be more active here, I thought I'd ask all of you to come play with us.

Today I will start:

1. I am compassionate
2. I am relatively self-aware
3. I am tenacious

What are three things you like about yourself?


Aug. 4th, 2012 07:34 pm (UTC)
Since I did this via email I am not going to do it here. I may need those three things for next week (or when the self-doubt is really bad).

I do want to tell you that I think it's great to take this outside the 3 of us. We all need to focus more on what is good and lay off the negative. It is so easy to say I can't, so easy to qualify a good characteristic. I do it. I know I do it. And I still find it hard to stop.

And on the days when I find it impossible to say one good thing about me, it is invaluable to have friends who will take the time to tell me 3 things that I should be proud of.

Aug. 8th, 2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
I think we all need to hear what is good in and about us, but I think we all need to believe it more. One step to that, IMHO, is for us to acknowledge our good qualities.

If, at any time, you can't name 3, ask me, because I can name a million wonderful things about you. I am blessed and fortunate that you are my friend.