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30 days of Gratitude: Day 25

I am grateful for my daughter, my husband, my cats, my dog, my car, my house, my brothers, my sister, my nieces, my job, my friends and all of you,


30 days of Gratitude: Days 22, 23 & 24

Day 22 I was/am grateful that I was able to sell something that's been like a white elephant to me for LITERALLY years. So, I got a little (badly needed) Christmas money and I was able to let go of something, that, while beautiful, was a burden.

Day 23 I am grateful that alice_day does such beautiful work, then decided to make sure I had what I ordered well in advance of Christmas.

Day 24 I am grateful that I could spend some time with my daughter doing girly things. Even though our first encounter with someone was dreadful and I got really upset, we were able to turn it around and have a fabulous time together.

Now, we're off to experience Christmas retail. Wish me luck!

I hope your Saturday is amazing and wonderful and full of love and joy>

As for me? My cup runneth over.

30 days of Gratitude: Day 21

Today I am grateful that even stressful days can be good ones.

30 days of Gratitude: Day 20

Today I am grateful fr low blood pressure and a good resting heart rate.

30 days of Gratitude: Days 18 & 19

Yesterday and today I am grateful for getting things done, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, the gym being so close, time with my family and love, always, love.


30 days of Gratitude: Days 15, 16, 17

Today I am most grateful I made it through the last three days. This week has been incredibly stressful...so much going on at home and work. But I made it through...and though the rest of the year might not be completely relaxing, but nothing should be as intense as this past week.

But even in the midst of all of the busy, busy, busy, there have been moments of laughter and moments of clarity and even moments of peace. In those moments I remember how very much I have to be grateful for.

I hope you're all well and happy and finding some joy in your life and the season. As for me? My cup runneth over.

30 days of Gratitude: Day 14

Today I am grateful for caffeine!

30 days of Gratitude: Days 13

Today I am grateful for wojelah who sent me such a lovely e-mail; it made my week.

30 days of Gratitude: Days 11 & 12

Yesterday I was grateful for a little relief from something that's been worrying me.

Today I am grateful, no matter how many times I read it, for this,

30 days of Gratitude: Days 10

Today I am grateful for all of the LJ advent entries from ficlets to art to music. Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh! And I saw a shooting star this morning.

I am so blessed.


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